A limited series of 54 apartments luxuriously designed for everything you’ve ever dreamed of.

Blending seamlessly with the neighborhood’s intimate nature
“Hamesila, Herzliya B” offers a lifestyle you can just imagine




Low-rise buildings,
immersed in green


Floors in each building


Apartments in each
building, 1-2 apartments
per floor


Lovely Garden Villas


Gorgeous penthouses


of residences, ranging from 
cozy 3-6 rooms apartments to
Garden apartments and penthouses

Unlimited Living at Herzliya Beit

Wake up every day to a life full of inspiration, take a deep breath of all the goodness, smile with satisfaction, choose what makes you feel good. To live not only the moment but all the moments, all your dreams, all your wishes. The world is your playground and your experiences should have no limits. Be surrounded by beauty, as reflected in the interior design of Michael Azoulay. Your home is full of open spaces, luxury and wonderful taste.


“Hamesila, Herzliya B” invites you to live freely, to think openly, to choose from everything,
without any limitation.

Hamesila, Herzliya B

Blending seamlessly with the neighborhood’s intimate nature, the project is artistically split into seven luxurious low-rise buildings, immersed in green. “Hamesila, Herzliya B” offers a large variety of apartments, including 14 garden apartments, 12 penthouses, and a mix of residences ranging from cozy 3-room to deluxe 6-room apartments, some with basements. Each building includes up to eight apartments only, and up to 2 apartments per floor. The buildings will not exceed the height of mature trees, allowing residents to enjoy a sense of living in a stylish private home.