Landscape Architecture

Landscape design is pleasing, warm, contemporary, timeless; design that embodies the qualities of the project, high quality and subtle luxury. The desire to connect the residence with art and space led Michael Azulay the interior designer to create a common area that has the ambience of a public gallery, offering interesting points of view. 

The Architectural Approach

The building’s inner staircase becomes a focal design element. Thanks to the unique shape of the lot, the architects chose to place the buildings on the perimeter while maintaining a large, shady garden in the center. The garden is connected to the buildings and outer streets by paths, providing a lush hub for sociable encounters, for kids to roam freely, and for a peaceful break from daily life.


The tasteful luxury is modestly expressed in the choice of the highest quality finishing materials, in the intricate details, advanced shading solutions, and use of natural light. The generous lobby invites and connects the residents with their homes. The entrance hall is rich in natural materials such as stone flooring, wood wall cladding and unique brass details, while the partially open staircase lets in light and shades of green vegetation that surrounds the building.

Business Lounge

Designed as a warm intimate club, cozy and inviting, and outfitted with advanced communications for small meetings or as a quiet place to work.


“Hamesila, Herzliya B” includes ample underground parking, and ensures two parking spaces for each apartment, as well as plenty of bicycle parking facilities. The parking lot is meticulously designed for the highest level of service, ensuring comfortable maneuvering and using the highest quality finishing materials for meticulous appearance.


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